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About Us

HWOB was birthed in 2016 out of profound heavenly encounters with two Celtic angels instructing to gather a ‘cluster’ of like minded seekers for the purpose of initiating a mystic hub based in Australia. 

Full story below


Together our Hub Without Borders shares many experiences in the realms of heaven where we were awakened to the deeper mysteries within Christ UNION. We are a company of believers that has grown organically through divinely aligned connections and relationships. Over time, the hub has expanded in its reach, transforming lives through a loving family environment. Fruitful partnerships include rich home grown resources such as books, meditation recordings, mystic hub worship

band and conferences (store coming soon).

As a community of visionaries, we NOW extend the invitation to like-minded sojourners... lovers resonating with a ‘spirit fuelled’ desire to manifest the authentic New Creation identity. Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and through Him alone, we are infused into ONEness with the Father, Son and the Spirit where we discover ourselves reflected in ‘I AM’!


We have not just created a platform from which to dive deep into the secrets of our mystic faith, we also host a safe environment to practise what we hear, to exercise, gain skills and increase in our maturity and sonship. Many people have left the church environment only to find themselves bereft of community. Whichever way we look at it, no one is an island; we are all a part of the wider mystical body of Christ. Hub Without Borders seeks to be family, to honour one another, spur one another on, to circle one another in hard times and celebrate each other's successes. 


We gather with you in the profound LOVE of the Father.

Ffald-y Brenin
Ffald-y Brenin Cross


Kerryne and I (Rebekah) had gone to Wales in 2016 specifically to see Justin Paul Abraham at his conference away from the hustle and bustle of my very busy ministry life back at home. I had listened to Justin a couple of times on podcasts prior to this conference and every time I listened, I became intoxicated in the Presence of God. At that time, I was a national and international ‘revivalist’. I loved the Presence and had witnessed huge displays of God’s power and was ever hungry for more. Justin’s podcasts awakened me to the availability of the multidimensional and unlimited New Creation ‘more’. Justin’s ‘happy bliss gospel’ included enjoying divine union in Christ, the cloud of witnesses, translocations, and ascension into heavenly places and much more. Initially this disturbed my doctrinal mindset while at the same time left my spirit witnessing the deep TRUTHs hidden within the mysteries of our ancient biblical scripts. One of the podcasts I listened to on Company of Burning Hearts featured David Von Blankensee who is an Australian. He and his wife Jennifer are lifelong friends with Justin, hosting him many times at conferences in Australia. Excited that I had found an Australian mystic, I contacted them and set off a few months later to Wales with my friend Kerryne.

During that trip, we had many encounters with the manifest Presence of Father, as He led us into the ‘NEW THING’ He was releasing throughout the earth. I will not go into all of them; however, the most significant encounter was at Ffald-y Brenin in Wales. If you haven’t read ‘The Grace Outpouring’ you will not understand the significance of our visit to this iconic retreat. While we were there, Kerryne and I were inspired by the Spirit to write out extensive prophetic scripts, penning our all-consuming passion for the grace outpouring to be released in Australia as it had been in Wales. We placed these scripts in glass bottles, buried them in the garden at the base of the Chapel, and took communion.

Countryside Scenery

Angelic Encounter in Wales

As we stopped by the office to announce that we were leaving the property, the caretaker said ‘goodbye’ but then asked me ‘do you see angels?’ I was just about to answer him, when suddenly two angels dressed like Celtic monks appeared dynamically in my line of vision. I stumbled to the ground under the power of their presence. These monks announced that they had been sent to make the trades between Australia and Wales for the Kingdom. They were dressed in very ordinary brown tunics and each one had a huge trading belt around their oversized tummy. They were jolly, full of mischief, joking around teasing us, laughing with their ruddy faces glowing and their big bellies convulsing. They opened their trading belts which were full of heavenly portals (of sorts).

Feeling the need to get out of the caretaker’s office so he could go about his business, Kerryne assisted me to the car with the angels following. As Kerryne was driving down the windy mountain road, the angels flew alongside, thoroughly enjoying the intoxication they poured out on me. Eventually Kerryne stopped the car at the bottom of the mountain and got out. Suddenly one angel flipped Kerryne's head onto the bonnet of the car; she squealed; they laughed. One of the Celtic monks told me they had been sent to build up a highway and create a trading route between Australia and Wales. As you can imagine, Kerryne and I stumbled around for the next two hours intoxicated while the trading angels kept provoking us to continue making trades for the Kingdom in Australia. Every time we took a breath, they would ask if that’s all we had to trade and then would burst into raucous laughter. The trading angels told us to go home and call together a small cluster of ‘same heart’ seekers and raise up a mystic hub. Eventually they faded and we were left overwhelmed with what had just happened. The subtle presence of these angels remained for days.

Village Aerial
Peta, Jen, Bek, Justin & Kez
Justin & Bek

From there, Kerryne and I went to Justin’s conference in his hometown. It was there that we met Peta Condon, an Australian ‘nature mystic’ who was on Justin’s team, living in Wales but preparing to move back to Australia the following year. Peta became a rich treasure to our Hub in the years to come. Another very wild supernatural phenomenon occurred at Justin’s conference to confirm what the Father had said to us. While I was worshiping, Justin’s spirit came right up to my face and he said, ‘I know you’ and then a short time later the same thing happened when Jane Schroeder’s spirit came up to my face and said, ‘I know you’. I had never met either of them at this stage.


At that time I had no understanding of how wonderfully my life was about to change…all I knew was that I had been forever changed. We came home to Australia, gathered a small group of ‘fellow travelers’ and began to experience wild encounters as we ascended together in the privacy of our own houses.

In the early years following our arrival back in Australia, Peta Condon, Jenny and David Von Blankensee were our primary and much loved mentors as we established our fast growing local hub which evolved into the online Hub Without Borders during Covid. 

Two months after setting up our local hub, I received a call from Jenny who said Justin was coming to Australia and he had instructions from the Father to go to the ‘grass roots’ in our nation. Jenny said, ‘Justin would like to come to your hub’. At that very moment the two angels manifested again saying ‘you see, we have honoured our trade between Australia and Wales’. I spent a long time on my face after that, unable to walk, lying in the Presence of the Glory.


That was the first of several times Justin came to our little town in rural Australia, and we have been bonded at the heart ever since.


The following year Jane Schroeder contacted me to organise a visit down under. We are very honoured to be in loving relationships with several key world changers. We are blessed to host many pioneer forerunners into our nation and within our nation, both in the flesh and on zoom convergences. 


We are so thankful to connect with a network of Australian ‘grass roots’ mystic hubs and gatherings. Hub Without Borders is delighted to host an extended national and international Zoom community.


Hub Without Borders is NOW upheld and exists within the established realms of LIFE. We are sustained in the constant movement and flow of Christ consciousness. Our family enjoys gathering together, drinking from the Rivers of LIVING WATER flowing from each one of us.


As a mystical community organically moving in the rhythms of grace, we love to gather weekly for Family Time, Governing in Love sessions, Miracle Pods for intentional quantum entanglement, 'smashed together and poured out like wine' gatherings, convergences, guest conferences and events...

Our Family

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